I remember playing cassettes on a stereo in the 80s and 90s with quite a lot of nostalgia. Side A usually grouped all the hits, the popular singles that came out one after the other on MTV or MuchMusic, accompanied by glossy videos that depicted an enviable life. Side B, on the other hand, packed […]

What to do after hitting rock bottom? Truth be told, it’s extremely difficult to go up again. Friends and family will be there for you, help you, support you and suffer with you along the way, but there is no one who can help you out rather than yourself. People say “time heals all wounds”; […]

The last year of secondary school in Argentina is one of the best and worst of teenagers’ lives. On the one hand, there are celebratory parties and trips where songs with lyrics describing the end of an era generate a sense of nostalgia in kids who are not old enough to be able to evoke the […]

Muchas instancias de guerra y terror fueron causadas por el miedo al cambio. La intolerancia por lo distinto, lo desconocido. El otro, el que está del otro lado de la cancha en una competencia que solo existe en nuestra mente. Las nuevas generaciones, o la mayoría de los jóvenes pertenecientes a ellas, utilizan la palabra “inclusión” […]

We met by chance, you and I; just two drifting birds flocking in the sky. Both flyers, both dreamers, leaving everything behind. Gulping breaths of fresh air, breaking free from the past. Wonderful experiences we’ve had, memories cherished trailing behind our feathers, stretching themselves against the powerful winds we’ve decided to fly against, trying not to […]

Domingo a la mañana. Música zen de fondo. Metida en la cama a lo ancho y no a lo largo, tapada con frazadas coloridas, el sol en el balcón fuera de mi ventana. Libro en mano, esta vez de mi compatriota, Julio Cortázar. Tostadas con un una mezcla inventada de palta, mermelada de frambuesa y queso. […]

Some people find flying a nightmarish experience that sends chills to their spines by the mere thought of it. Being on the air means they have no control over their fate, they cannot move out from the confined space where more than a hundred people share oxygen, tasteless meals and sometimes pills or booze to […]